Peace on the Journey is Available!

The book’s available! Here is the link. They are still working on the Kindle version, but it will be available soon as well.

I hope you enjoy the book. Here’s part of the book description appearing on the Amazon page.

“The Peace on the Journey poems explore the theme of renewal in the face of adversity. Life challenges are confronted honestly while hope and joy are also embraced. In these poems, sometimes a smile lifts one past overwhelming struggle. At other times, sadness and discouragement trump easy laughter and resolve. Always, the intent is to handle life with grace, to bear low moments with dignity, and to blunt despair by remaining unbowed.”

May my poems illumine your journey.

3 thoughts on “Peace on the Journey is Available!

  1. I’d love to follow this blog, but I can’t seem to get registered without creating a wordpress blog. I’ll keep trying. Muff

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