About Peace on the Journey

The Peace on the Journey poems explore the theme of renewal in the face of adversity. Life challenges are confronted honestly while hope and joy are also embraced. In these poems, sometimes a smile lifts one past overwhelming struggle. At other times, sadness and discouragement trump easy laughter and resolve. Always, the intent is to handle life with grace, to bear low moments with dignity, and to blunt despair by remaining unbowed.

Influenced by the haiku form, the collection offers a poem a day for a year, though one can easily start on any page and progress in any order. While fifty-nine of the selections honor the traditional haiku focus on nature, the remainder simply adhere to the haiku syllabic structure of 5-7-5. All are presented in groups of three linked verses.

10% of net proceeds benefit the Myelin Repair Foundation.

May these poems illumine your journey.

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